Electric Beach - Goatika, 19.04.2013
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Goatika Live in Qatar, 19th of April 2013

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Doha, Qatar

Pavel Goatika (Russia) - ableton live, Victor Netesov (Russia) - trumpet, Andrea Presa (Italy) - didgeridoo, Elvis Lobo (Goa) - guitar

Pics courtesy of Qassim Rahmatullah

Goatika at Tangra Festival Pre-party
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Photos by Nick Shureev from Tangra Festival Pre-party, Goa, Panorama Olympia, 4th of March, 2013.

Pavel Goatika (Russia) - electronica

Victor Netesov (Russia) - trumpet

Andrea Presa (Italy) - didgeridoo

Elvis Lobo (India) - guitar





Goatika at Hill Top Festival, 17-18 February 2013
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 Pavel Goatika - ableton live

 Victor Netesov - trumpet

 Elvis Lobo - guitar

 Andrea Presa - didgeridoo

Goatika at Hill Top, Goa, 01.01.2013
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 Goatika's first concert in 2013!

 Hill Top, Vagator, Goa - 01.01.2013

 Pavel Goatika - ableton, bass

 Victor Netesov - trumpet

 Elvis Lobo - guitar

 Andrea Presa - didgeridoo

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